FishCounter: 9.151.763
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# Regular Security Update
# Regular Security Update
# Regular Security Update
# Security Update
# Essential Security Measures have been taken.
# You can now set the general Casttime in your Options (Default: 30 Sec.).
# The Loading Time when changing Profiles has been shortened.
# The Console is now automatically closed when Knutschfisch is closed.
# -Show- in the Tray Menu now shows Knutschfisch again if only minimized.
# Smaller Optimizations were made.
# Fixed a bug that prevented profiles from being saved.
# Fixed an issue where special characters being saved in the wrong encoding.
# Fixed an issue that could cause Knutschfisch to report an error when selecting frames.
# Fixed an issue that caused Knutschfisch to move unrecoverable to the background.
# Recorder function added
- Easily create a recording of your mouse movements and inputs.
- Add pauses or text as you wish.
- Take the breaks between each action as you like.
- Knutschfisch mirrors this recording exactly under your conditions.
- This function can be used, for example, to perform a relog after a specified time.
- After your recording has been played, the game window is automatically recognized.
- Knutschfisch then continues his routine as usual.
- You can find this feature in your Options Tab.

# An Auto-Setup will now open as soon as Knutschfisch is started for the first time.
- This will automatically preconfigure Knutschfisch for the game you want.

# If you want to restore the default settings in your Loot Settings, a new window appears.
- You can now choose for which game these settings should be set.
- This restores the optimal basic conditions for the respective game.

# The detection of the scaling has been improved.
- It is now checked before each setting of a frame whether the scaling is correct.
- If the scaling does not match, you will now be informed.

# Saving options in separate windows now automatically closes the respective options menu.
# Knutschfisch now has a general tray menu.
# The Tutorial has been brought up to date.
# Knutschfisch now gives the correct information if the authentication should have failed.
- Under certain circumstances, this can happen as soon as a major system update has been installed.

# Changes to the design.

# You can reach us at any time via the following channels:
- Forum:
- Discord:
- ePvP:
- E-Mail:
-- The Support Tab has been removed.
# Window handling #
Knutschfisch can now be attached manually to the desired window.
v1.0.2 - Knutschfisch Ultimate
# Clients #
The first client can now also be selected and deselected. Knutschfisch shows a message when less than 1 client has been selected.

# Loot Settings #
Fixed an issue where changing the first color of the Bite Color did not produce the desired result.
v1.2.9 - Knutschfisch
# Loot Settings #
Fixed an issue where changing the first color of the Bite Color did not produce the desired result.

# Tutorial #
The tutorial has been extended by one step.
v1.0.1 - Knutschfisch Ultimate
# Account manager #
Improvements for passing data to the windows.
v1.2.8 - Knutschfisch
# Design #
Everything is back in its place in the expanded options.

# Float Color #
The float color is now displayed immediately after saving.

# Loot Settings #
A note about the graphics settings (Classic) was placed in the loot settings.
v1.2.7 - Knutschfisch
# My Macros #
A predefined pause can now be specified between individual macros.
v1.2.6 - Knutschfisch
# Fishing Skill #
Fixed an issue where letters could not be used to select the float.

# Profiles #
Small improvements have been made.

# Updater #
Improvements have been made to detect blocked updates.
v1.2.5 - Knutschfisch
# Profiles #
You can now save, load and share your own profiles.

# Tray mode #
This feature allows you to run Knutschfisch in the background. You can control Knutschfisch with the tray icon.

# Hotkeys #
Click on the .More. button in the .Options-Tab. to set your own hotkeys. Activating this feature no longer requires a restart.

# Update #
Automatic updates now create a backup of the previous version.

# Interface #
Graphical changes have been made in the .General-Tab.
v1.2.4 - Knutschfisch
# Statistic #
A new tab has been added in which you can call up your stats and usage time.
You can reset your statistics at any time using the Reset button.

# Updates #
You will now be notified more clearly as soon as an update is available.

# Windows 7 (location error) #
Fixed a bug where Knutschfisch could not be started.
v1.2.3 - Knutschfisch
# Setup-Assistant #
We have integrated a setup wizard. This accompanies you through all necessary settings and explains its functions.

# Design #
The configuration symbol for the loot settings has been replaced by a button. This should now be easier to see.
The color display for the float has been moved and is now right next to the color code.
A Knutschfisch splash logo is now displayed while starting/loading Knutschfisch.
The Knutschfisch icon of the exe is now correctly displayed again.

# Code #
The code has been optimized.
v1.2.2 - Knutschfisch
# Bite-Color #
Each bite color can now be configured directly via Knutschfisch.
v1.2.1 - Knutschfisch
# Frame selection #
As soon as a selected frame is too small or accidentally selected, you will receive a message.

# Update-System (for licensed users only) #
Updates are now downloaded and installed automatically.

# Customer Panel (for licensed users only) #
You can now change your email address.
In the About tab you will now find a button that takes you directly to the Customer Panel.
v1.2.0 - Knutschfisch
- Improvements in handling with different resolutions.
- Console improvements.
- The timer for re-ejecting the fishing rod if no bite could be determined now operates exactly to the second.
v1.1.9 - Knutschfisch
# Loot-Detection #
You can now add your own colors to detect the loot. Up to 3 different colors can be searched for and recognized. To do this, click on the options symbol in the General-Tab, to the right of Fishing Float. This eliminates the basic problem of detection or non-detection.
v1.1.8 - Knutschfisch
# Multiple monitors with different resolutions #
Knutschfisch now gives a hint as soon as several monitors with different resolutions have been recognized.

# Loot Frame #
The specified height was minimized.
The loot frame is now displayed with every new float detection.
v1.1.7 - Knutschfisch
# Bobber #
The pre-set time is now correctly adopted by Knutschfisch.
v1.1.6 - Knutschfisch
- New window handling added.
v1.1.5 - Knutschfisch
- Small improvements to the code.
- Cancellation policy added.
v1.1.4 - Knutschfisch
# Set your own loot frame! #
Decisive settings can now be made yourself.
Click on the new Settings-Symbol, next to Fishing Float.
Check -Show Loot Frameand start Knutschfisch to see the function in action.

# Random Pause #
A new option has been added to the options menu.
You can now set a random break within a desired time.
Knutschfisch randomizes the entered times for you.

# Console #
Select this option to get a live log.
The log can be copied or saved directly.
v1.1.3 - Knutschfisch
# Extended options #
Up to 5 own keys can be assigned.
Each key can be set individually in time.
The option to open clams has been replaced by this extension.

# Shutdown #
The shutdown function has been extended by further options.
Knutschfisch can now react to certain actions within the game (see React under Shutdown).

# 64-Bit Support #
32-bit are no longer supported.

- The entire code has been redesigned.
- Knutschfisch is now running smoother.
v1.1.2 - Knutschfisch
# Float-Detection #
This feature has been massively improved.
Knutschfisch now shows you the selected color of your float.

# Optimized design #
Under options you will now find a button that allows you to choose more options.
Do not forget to save :)

# Open clams (Options - More) #
Create a macro with /use NAME OF CLAM and put it on a key of your choice.
If you activate this function, it will be executed every minute.

- Further improvements and optimizations.
v1.1.1 - Knutschfisch
- Knutschfisch can now recognizes blue Whispers (Notifications - Options - Whisper Color 1 and 2)

- By clicking on the text of the function, you will now receive short descriptions as a picture.

- The sensitivity of the Whisper- and Alive function has been adjusted.

- Further adjustments due to optimization.
v1.1.0 - Knutschfisch
# Sensitivity #
The sensitivity to detect if a fish has bitten or not can now be manually adjusted.
If it comes to problems with looting, try to raise the sensitivity in steps of 5.
v1.0.9 - Knutschfisch
This update brings a lot of new features, improvements and optimizations.

- The sensitivity to detect if a fish has bitten or not has been adjusted.

- The notification options have been completely revised and can now be found under .Notification. - .Options.
Click on the green button to enter the options menu.
Do not forget to save :)

- Knutschfisch can now recognize whether you are still alive or not.
Knutschfisch also informs you about this attitude if desired.

- The Whisper and Alive feature can now be pre-tested with a simple click on the .Test.-Button.

- A support system has been integrated that gives you the possibility to directly contact the support via Knutschfisch (.Support-Tab.).
The status tells you if the support is currently online or not.
A message to the support can be written at any time.

- The shutdown function to close the game (only), no longer closes Knutschfisch.

- The last position of the window will now be saved when closing Knutschfisch.
v1.0.8 - Knutschfisch
- dual monitor support

- bait tab has been changed to Options
here you can now set the random delays yourself.
choose the delay between loot and the next cast.
choose the delay between cast and mouse movement to the bait.
v1.0.7 - Knutschfisch
# Window #
windowhandling is now registered by a simple click. it does not need a selection anymore.
problems with different clients / languages have been fixed.
v1.0.6 - Knutschfisch
# New features - Whisper detection and options for notifications #
it can now be determined from how many fish a message is sent.
Knutschfisch can now recognize whispers. you can choose the chatframe, the text-color and interval.
both features are optional and can be selected or deselected as desired.

- the save-feature has been optimized
v1.0.5 - Knutschfisch
# new feature added: Shutdown #
this feature allows you to optionally set whether the computer is shut down or only the game and the tool should be closed. the time is given in minutes.

# window #
the game window can now be selected by yourself and should therefore no longer cause problems when ejecting the fishing rod. this option can now be chosen freely and is no longer queried before starting.

# hotkey #
this function has been adjusted
if a new key has been set, there is no need to restart Knutschfisch.

- a much better overview of updates
- further improvements that serve the clarity
v1.0.4 - Knutschfisch
# Window #
window handling has been improved
there is now a query instead
v1.0.3 - Knutschfisch
- trial system errors has been fixed
- window handling has been improved

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the new trial system. All trials can be activated again for 3 hours.
Please download the latest version 1.0.3.
v1.0.2 - Knutschfisch
# Trial-System #
changed from 20 catches to 3 hours per trial
v1.0.1 - Knutschfisch
# Notification-System (for licensed users only) #
you can now send status messages to your email address or via push notification ([link=][/link]) directly to your mobile phone.
(currently, status messages are sent from 200 catches each. further status messages will follow.)

# Update-System
licensed users now receive information that an update is available. the direct link to the new version can be found at about - version.

- help tab has been completely removed
- stop button responds now immediately
v1.0.0 - Knutschfisch
# Added stop button #
as soon as the bot starts, the entire interface is deactivated and can not be changed anymore.
the stop button works with delay.
v0.9.9 - Knutschfisch
- better positioning for tooltips
- general error handling has been revised
- small improvements to the shift loot option
- bait tab/options integrated
v0.9.8 - Knutschfisch
- added hotkey (exit) function
- added tooltips
- added shift-loot option